Outboard Motor Hoists / Outboard Lifting Davits & Accessories


Don't break your back . . . . and don't break the bank !

Easy-Lift Marine, Handling solutions for Outboard Motors. Outboard Hoists, Outboard Davits, Outboard Lifting,  Outboard Brackets, Outboard Harness, Handling Motors 2hp - 20hp. Announcing Also New Wide-Eye' Easy Mooring System, Mooring Aids, Docking Aids,

Comparisons with Davits & Derricks The Easy Lift can be compared to a single davit working in a similar way to a traditional derrick. Now featuring also the Wide=Eye Easy Mooring System  Mooring Aid and Docking Aid

Product Features

The Easy-Lift™ 25 range of outboard hoist / lifting davits is extremely simple to use and can either be left permanently in position or put away to be stored between uses.

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Easy - Lift™

Comparisons with Davits & Derricks

The Easy Lift can be compared to a single davit working in a similar way to a traditional derrick

Easy-Lift Marine, Handling Solutions for Outboard Motors.

Including Outboard Hoists, ( Outboard Davits / Outboard Lifting Davits ), Outboard Mounting Brackets, Outboard Harness

Also Featuring 'Wide-Eye'. The new innovative Mooring Aid / Docking Aid - 'Easy Mooring System'

The Easy-Lift™ Swing 30/50 range has been designed for use with heavier engines up to 20hp weighing 50kgs/120lbs.

They'll certainly cost you a lot less than a few sessions with the chiropractor or replacing your outboard motor after an unintended dip in the sea.


Easy Lift Hoists - 'the simplest solutions available today'

Designed to be operated SINGLE HANDED                         Can be controlled from your deck OR from your dinghy

Safe, easy and straightforward to use

Set up and ready to use in a just a couple of minutes

NO DRILLING required, just tighten up three bolts

Portable, weighs less than 3.5kgs

Once your engine is installed on the bracket no manual lifting is ever required again . . .EVER !

Use your boat's own winches to drop your engine on to your inflatable or choose our 6:1 pulley system instead

Space saving permanent engine storage bracket and hoist in one unit. ALWAYS ready for use

Not sure if it could work for you ? Send a photo of your boat to photo@outboardhoist.co.uk and we'll take a look

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By combining a permanent storage bracket and hoist in one unit, manhandling your outboard EVER AGAIN finally becomes a thing of the past.

It can be set up and ready for use in literally a couple of minutes and is equally quickly removed until the next time you use it.

The outboard is lowered and raised either from your deck or your inflatable and controlled easily using the built in cleat.