Outboard Motor Hoists / Outboard Lifting Davits & Accessories


Don't break your back . . . . and don't break the bank !

Easy-Lift Marine, Handling solutions for Outboard Motors. Outboard Hoists, Outboard Davits, Outboard Lifting,  Outboard Brackets, Outboard Harness, Handling Motors 2hp - 20hp. Announcing Also New Wide-Eye' Easy Mooring System, Mooring Aids, Docking Aids,

Comparisons with Davits & Derricks The Easy Lift can be compared to a single davit working in a similar way to a traditional derrick. Now featuring also the Wide=Eye Easy Mooring System  Mooring Aid and Docking Aid

1   The Wide-Eye easy mooring aid suspended over the cleat or bollard and ready for deployment


For use with any pole, No special 'pole end fitting' needed

2   The Wide-Eye can now be dropped easily and accurately over the cleat.


The blue mooring line is attached by a shackle to the Wide-Eye

4   With the pole now removed from the Wide-Eye, the strain is now taken fully by the mooring line.


When you are safely attached to dry land simply attach your mooring lines directly to the cleat or bollard.


'Wide-Eye' can be used in conjunction with your own, or any other suitable mooring lines

3   Begin to withdraw the pole from the Wide-Eye by just pulling it free of the two supporting hoops


The simpler the pole used the better, no fancy connections needed

'Wide Eye'      Less Stress . . . not Moor Stress !

'Wide-Eye' moring aids are supplied in pairs in 2 size options

They are used in combination with your existing mooring lines

'Wide-Eye' can be used with most boat hooks, or you can even just use a wooden pole

Wide-Eye - 2 Diameter Options - Breaking Strain 3000 kgs


30* cms - 3200 kgs   Pair        £51.95 + £3.95 P&P

30* cms - 3200 kgs   Each       £28.95 + £2.95 P&P

36* cms - 3200 kgs   Pair        £59.95  + £3.95 P&P

36* cms - 3200 kgs   Each       £31.95  + £2.95 P&P

30* cms diameter - equivalent to 40cm/16ins spliced eye

36* cms diameter - equivalent to 54cm/21ins spliced eye

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Easy - Lift™

Easy-Lift Marine, Handling Solutions for Outboard Motors.

Including Outboard Hoists, ( Outboard Davits / Outboard Lifting Davits ), Outboard Mounting Brackets, Outboard Harness

Also Featuring 'Wide-Eye'. The new innovative Mooring Aid / Docking Aid - Easy Mooring System

'Wide Eye'    Less Stress . . . not Moor Stress !

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Wide Eye Sequence 1 Sequence 2 Sequence 3 Sequence 4

Wide Eye - The innovative and intuitive new mooring and docking aid

" Because getting a line over a bollard or cleat, is rarely as straight forward as the skipper or helmsman tells you it is going to be "

It's time to de-stress your crew . . . .not distress them !

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